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PhD thesis: Numerical Simulations of Micro-turbulence in Tokamak Edge, 2015.

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Hua-sheng XIE* (谢华生)

2018.02 -
Chief Scientist of Fusion Simulation
Center for Compact Fusion (CCF-ENN), Deputy Director
ENN Science and Technology Development Co.,Ltd. [新奥科技发展有限公司(新奥能源研究院)]
Mail: a). 河北廊坊开发区华祥路新源东道新奥科技园智能大厦,065001;
b). Huaxiang Road, Economic and Technological Development Zone, LangFang Hebei, China 065001
E-mail: xiehuasheng[at], huashengxie@{,}
Safety survived for days.

* English name called by my friends: Edward Watson.
IFTS-ZJU, office, 2015.09

New (2019-09-06): A new state-of-art plasma wave and instability analysis tool named 'BO' (‘波’, i.e., 'wave' in Chinese) has been published.
BO poster
Refer it as:
  • H. S. Xie, BO: A unified tool for plasma waves and instabilities analysis, Comp. Phys. Comm., 244, 343 (2019),
  • Download:
  •, or
  • New (2018-03-01): The book "Introduction to Computational Plasma Physics" has been published.
    Introduction to Computational Plasma Physics (Hua-sheng XIE, 2018)
    Refer it as:

  • Hua-sheng XIE, Introduction to Computational Plasma Physics (in Chinese), Science Press, Beijing, 2018.
  • Or:
  • 谢华生,计算等离子体物理导论,科学出版社,北京,2018.
  • Resume

    • 2015.10 - 2018.02, School of Physics, Peking University

    • 2010.09 - 2015.09, Institute for Fusion Theory and Simulation, Zhejiang University
      Master & PhD

    • 2008.09 - 2010.07, Zhejiang University
      Minor: Public Administration

    • 2006.09 - 2010.07, Zhejiang University
      Major (B.S.): Physics

    Selected papers

    1. H. S. Xie, BO: A unified tool for plasma waves and instabilities analysis, Computer Physics Communications, 2019, 244, 343–371.
    2. H. S. Xie, Y. Xiao and Z. Lin, New Paradigm for Turbulent Transport Across a Steep Gradient in Toroidal Plasmas, Physical Review Letters, 2017, 118, 095001.
    3. H. S. Xie and Y. Xiao, PDRK: A General Kinetic Dispersion Relation Solver for Magnetized Plasma, Plasma Science and Technology, 2016, 18, 97.
    4. H. S. Xie and Y. Xiao, Unconventional ballooning structures for toroidal drift waves, Physics of Plasmas, 2015, 22, 090703.