2015-03-05: I am too lazy to update this page now, just see all of them here: codes.

PPLU (Plasma Physics Learning Utility)

A Matlab GUI Code, see, http://ifts.zju.edu.cn/forum/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=461, for details and download.

Part of this code is from:

New version 2.0 is in preparing. Feedbacks are welcome. This package has been more and more widely used for education and research in both domestic and abroad, e.g., introduction courses of plasma for undergraduate and graduate students at ZJU and SCU. Some ones also tell me they use it for their Undegrad/Maste/PhD thesis.

A recently similar web-based (java) project can be found at WPC - Warwick Plasma Calculator.


Orbit.m (also OrbitGC.m for guiding center motion in Tokamak), single particle motion for: space plasma (current sheet, dipole, ...), Tokamak, Laser, ... (View and download)

  • A short code, but can treat almost all the common particle motion problems in different EM fields.
  • OrbitGC.m
  • These codes have also been updated (e.g., more complicated EM field, Boris scheme) by several people for their own researches.

    AWCON (Aflven continuum spectrals)

    AWCON.m, calculating ideal MHD Alfven Wave CONtinuum spectral in tokamak (View and download).

    See also Wenjun's ALCON, http://wdeng.info/

    Other Codes

    Some other codes: